Best Amazon Product Research Tools in 2024

best product research tool for Amazon FBA

If you are wondering how to start an Amazon FBA business and how to do Amazon FBA product research then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the best Amazon product research tools. As you might already know, there are many options available. But now, let’s talk about one of the most popular ones.

One of the most important things you need to get right when starting your Amazon FBA business is to find the best Amazon product research tool for your business. Many tools can help you do product research but which one is the best? Well, if you ask us, one of the most popular tools is definitely Helium10. The main benefit when using Helium10 is that it comes with many features and additions. Looks like nowadays the product research tool industry is getting more competitive and everyone wants to make the best Amazon product research tool. This is really good for Amazon sellers because now they can get more value from these tools. A few years ago there were only a few product research tools to choose from, so this change is very welcomed and you should also benefit from it.

We are using Helium10 everyday in our business and we are very happy with it. We’ll never recommend anything on our site that we are not 100% sure of. 

Top reasons why Helium10 is one of the best Amazon product research tools

In the following section of our blog, we will cover every aspect of Helium10 and offer you a full overview of the software. This overview will help you to see why it’s such a powerful tool and why people prefer using Helium10. There are a couple of reasons we’d like to bring out separately why Helium10 stands out from the rest of the Amazon product research tools.

Watch our Helium10 Google Chrome extension tutorial

It comes with a full Amazon training course created by Kevin King – Freedom Ticket. It’s a 11 week online course that has over 50 hours of video lessons. It teaches you everything from the start: how to analyze product listings, how to find suppliers, how to do Amazon PPC etc. Few years ago the course price was $1500. Now you can get it with a Helium10 monthly subscription. It’s really a very good deal. Usually Amazon courses sell for $2000 and more.

Additional to that you will get updated Freedom Ticket course and Amazon PPC training. It really is one of the best deals out there today if not “the best deal”.

Also, it has one of the best Amazon product research tools you could ever get your hands on. It comes with the Helium10 Google Chrome plugin that allows you to scan Amazon pages and see how much these products are selling for. This is probably going to be the main tool you use to find what products you should sell on Amazon.

Helium10 Google Chrome Extension

This is going to be one of the main tools for your Amazon product research. With Helium10 Google Chrome extension you can scan Amazon pages and how much these products are selling on Amazon per month.

For example, if you search “watermelon slicer” on Amazon then you can see right away how many sales are products getting. Furthermore, you will be able to see if the product is seasonal, the size tier on Amazon, the number of reviews, etc. Imagine if you could walk around in regular shopping centers and see how much sales are products generating just by looking at them. Wouldn’t that be powerful? You can do that on Amazon and use that information for your product research.

how to do product research on amazon

Helium10 Black Box

Black Box is basically a robot inside Helium10 that helps you spot opportunities on Amazon. You can enter certain criteria of what you’d like to search. For example:

  • Looking for a product that does at least $10,000- $20,000 in sales
  • Has less than 300 reviews
  • Price between $10-$20
  • Has a low review rating (so we can improve it)
  • Is small size (cheaper to ship it)
Helium10 Black Box

After entering these things in the filters, Black Box gives you potential product ideas. You can also pick a category where Black Box looks for product ideas. It’s a very powerful part of Helium10 and makes it one of the best Amazon product research tools.

Helium10 BlackBox Tutorial Video


With Cerebo you can see what are the main keywords for a product, where it’s getting sales, and how much search volume they have.


With this data you can analyze the product opportunity much better and see if you could also rank for these keywords on Amazon. For example if you see that the main keyword is watermelon slicer and products are ranking there with thousands of reviews then you are probably not going to rank there very well if you are just starting out. But you could also find smaller keywords. For example watermelon cutter and there might be an opportunity there if there aren’t products with a lot of reviews and high ratings.

Note: This was just an example product. We are not saying that watermelon slicer is a good product to sell on Amazon.

Profitability calculator

With a profitability calculator, you can calculate your profit margins if you are considering selling a certain product on Amazon. You will see right away if the product has high or low profit margins. For that, you also need to check your shipping cost per unit.

Profitability Calculator

If you haven’t checked your exact costs for the product then these numbers are the estimates. Always double check the exact shipping cost to Amazon FBA and the manufacturing cost for your product before making the final product order. Amazon also has its own profitability calculator. See it here.


Magnet is a keyword research tool that gives you keywords that are relevant to your search phrase. Then you can filter these with different options. For example, by the number of phrases, search volume, competition, etc. This is a good way to get more keyword ideas for your niche. We have also written a full post about how to do keyword research for Amazon FBA that you can read here.



With Trendster you can see trends for specific products. You can also see prices and sales history. This is very useful if you want to understand if the product sells at a lower price in certain seasons.


On the right, you can also see the Google trends for specific keywords. This is also very important when you are doing your Amazon FBA product research. You want to be sure that the product trend is not declining.


Misspellinator helps you find misspelled keywords that people use to search for products on Amazon. This could be a very good way to find new keywords and get these sales yourself.


Adtomic comes with the Helium10 Diamond plan and helps optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns. We have also written another blog post about how to grow your sales with Amazon PPC here. Make sure you read that one as well.

Amazon attribution

Amazon attribution helps you analyze outside traffic that you send to your product listing. For example from Facebook or Google ads.


With portals, you can create landing pages for your products for sales promos, email opt-ins, and more. It’s a great way to engage more with your customers.


With Scribbles, you can optimize your product listing and make sure you are using all the keywords from your keyword research. It’s a great way to make sure you are not missing out on any of your keywords.


Index checker

With a keyword index checker, you can make sure you are indexing on Amazon search results.

Listing analyzer

A listing analyzer gives you a good overview of your competitors and their sales volumes.

Listing analyzer

It also shows how well they have optimised their product listings. See the image below.

best amazon fba product research tools

Listing builder

The listing builder helps you build your Amazon product listing the right way. It helps you organize your keywords, bullet points, and product descriptions.


Audience gives you instant access to shoppers ready to answer your most important questions: Is there a demand for this product? What colors and designs should I offer? Which imagery presents my product the best? In just minutes, create a custom poll and receive detailed feedback to help you give your customers what they want.

Keyword tracker

With a keyword tracker, you can track your Amazon product rankings for specific keywords.

Market tracker

With a market tracker, you can track the entire market and then view the total sales, your market share, etc.

Market tracker 360

This is an advanced option to track the entire market and spy on your competitors.


Helium10 Profits helps you see your daily, monthly, or yearly sales and profit.

Helium10 Freedom Ticket training

This is probably one of the main reasons why you should use Helium10 and why it stands out from other tools. Freedom Ticket is a full Amazon training by Kevin King that teaches you how to sell on Amazon. It’s an 11-week course and has over 40 hours of video training. It’s included with your monthly subscription, so there are no extra fees for using that training. It’s one of the best Amazon FBA trainings out there.

Helium10 Academy

Helium10 Academy helps you learn quickly how to use all Helium10 tools.

Alta by Helium10 

This is a lending option through Helium10. You can access additional capital with a few clicks only.


You can set up alerts for your Amazon account. For example when your inventory level drops or someone hijacks your listing.

Inventory protector

You can set max order quantities for your products.

Refund genie

Often Amazon loses our inventory and this tool helps us get reimbursements from Amazon.

Follow up

With follow up you can send automatic messages to your customers on Amazon and ask for feedback or product reviews.

Inventory management

Inventory management is a planning tool for your Amazon business so you can make sure your products are in stock at the right time.

Helium10 chrome extension review

As you can see Helium10 is so much more than the best product research tool for Amazon FBA. There are many benefits when using this tool. It offers you so much more than you could get anywhere else. You can start your Amazon business with Helium10 tools even if you have no idea about where to start. It also includes a full training course with Kevin King. As we have mentioned already, a few years ago the Freedom Ticket training course sold for $1000-$2000 alone. So it’s undoubtedly a great deal put all together.

Best Amazon product research tools in 2024 conclusion

We hope that our post about Amazon FBA product research tools gave you some insights and now you can take your Amazon FBA business to the next level. If you have any questions about how to start an Amazon FBA business, product research, Helium10, or anything else, then feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message. We are more than happy to help you out.

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